Actual Careers is designed to help high school and college students learn what careers are available, because when I finished high school, I didn’t have any idea what to study in college … so I just didn’t go.  After a few years, I went to a technical school and earned an associates degree in electronic engineering.  It was not until after I started my maintenance career in the automotive industry, that I realized that with a little more education the opportunities were endless.  I never realized how many different career opportunities there really were, if I had the right education.  That is when I thought that it would have been nice to have a database of careers, populated by the people that actually work in the field, and that would be willing to share their real life experience.  I wanted to capture information about education, specialized training, career path options, and naturally, salary.

There are so many careers out there that people don’t know or even think about.  I am hoping that this website will help expose people to the variety of careers, and make the best decision for their own career.

—Steve Merrell

Actual Careers does not post any personal information.  When filling out a career profile, we request your email address for administrative purposes only.

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  1. This is an awesome site. I wish there was something like this when I was in high school.

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