Skilled Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of equipment found in an automotive manufactuing plant.

Actual Career: Skilled Maintenance

Career Field:
Company Position:
Team Member
INDIANA, Southern Region

Required Level of Education:
Associate Degree
Actual Level of Education:
Associate’s Degree

Field of Study:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Name of Educational Institue:
Vincennes University
Type of Educational Institute:
Community / Junior College
Length of Time in Career:
5 years
Annual Earnings, 1st Year:
Annual Earnings, Last Year:
70,000 – 80,000
Weekly Hours:
Ordinary Shift:
Required Travel Amount:
no traveling

Actual Comments from the holder of this Actual Career


How do you feel about this Actual Career?
I enjoy the career that I’m in.

Was your degree helpful in your career field?

In your opinion, what kind of education did you need to get this career?
In my opinion, I believe that someone could do this job without a college degree. Specialized training by the employer would be enough.

Experience, Skills, Specialized Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
I have 7 years experience in the maintenance field.

Just one more thing….
When I was looking for a career, I was simply looking for a job that paid well and would continue to be in demand for years to come. In this respect, I have the perfect career.  Something I did fail to take into account, is the fact that I will be stuck working midnights for the rest of my working career if I remain at my current place of employment.

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