Maintenance Technician

Troubleshoot electrical, pnuematic,hydraulic and programable logic control systems.
Coordinate repairs to systems.
Write and work on preventitive maintence sheets.

Actual Career: Maintenace technician

Automotive / Motor Vehicles / Parts
Career Field:
Skilled Labor
Company Position:
Team Leader
INDIANA, South Western RegionRequired Level of Education:
Associate Degree
Actual Level of Education:
Associate’s Degree

Field of Study:
Industrial electronic
Name of Educational Institue:
Indiana vocational technical college
Type of Educational Institute:
Vocational School
Length of Time in Career:
13 yrs
Annual Earnings, 1st Year:
Annual Earnings, Last Year:
70,000 – 80,000
Weekly Hours:
Ordinary Shift:
Required Travel Amount:
up to 25% travel

Actual Comments from the holder of this Actual Career


How do you feel about this Actual Career?
I feel satisfaction when a repair is made or when something is done to make others job easier.  As a team leader, I like to feel I am in on the decision making of prioritizing repairs.
This field is always advancing in technology and sometimes hard to keep up.

Was your degree helpful in your career field?

In your opinion, what kind of education did you need to get this career?
Associates degree in maintenance technology

Experience, Skills, Specialized Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
After college, I worked with and electrician wiring houses and businesses. Entered the army as a satellite and microwave repair. I learned microwave radio and multiplex systems, learned to depend on a team, and
attended primary leadership developmental courses. I also attended hydraulic systems training, attended classes for Allen Bradley processors and networking and have been to training for Kawasaki robots.

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