PC/LAN/Phone Administrator

Maintain and repair desktop PCs, laptop PCs, file Servers, Network equipment, email server, internal web servers, database programming, application programming, system access, phones and phone system, building security, printers, phone and data lines, and working with automated assembly equipment.

Actual Career: PC/LAN/Phone Administrator

Career Field:
Information Technology
Company Position:
INDIANA, South Western RegionRequired Level of Education:
Actual Level of Education:
Bachelor’s Degree

Field of Study:
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology
Name of Educational Institue:
Purdue University (IN)
Type of Educational Institute:
Public University
Length of Time in Career:
10+ years
Annual Earnings, 1st Year:
Annual Earnings, Last Year:
40,000 – 50,000
Weekly Hours:
Ordinary Shift:
Required Travel Amount:
up to 25% travel

Actual Comments from the holder of this Actual Career


How do you feel about this Actual Career?
Like most careers, if you like the field you are in, then you will find it fun even in the face of a challenge.

Was your degree helpful in your career field?

In your opinion, what kind of education did you need to get this career?
The degree I have is adequate. One could also take courses in computers such as operating systems, programming, databases, and networking.

Experience, Skills, Specialized Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
Previously I worked for a “ma and pa” computer store where I learned most of my computer repair experience in a retail environment. I also worked for the Information Technology Department of the Purdue University Libraries where I basically did the same thing only it wasn’t retail. In my field, I’ve had to show a lot of “certified” people how to do things that they are certified in. At my current job, we use Lotus Notes/Domino for our email system and once a year or so I go to a conference for training. I also do self-learning from books on the job.

Just one more thing….
For anything involving PCs, always read and keep up with the latest technologies like hardward and operating systems. If not you will fall behind and not be useful to employers who want to get into the newest technologies.

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