Registered Nurse

Performing a complete head to toe assessment, administering medications, assisting with activities of daily living (bathing, eating, using the bathroom, walking), and charting on mutiple patients in a hospital on a med surg floor.

Actual Career: Registered Nurse

Healthcare / Health Services
Career Field:
Company Position:
INDIANA, South Western RegionRequired Level of Education:
Associate Degree
Actual Level of Education:
Associate’s Degree

Field of Study:
Name of Educational Institue:
Vincennes University
Type of Educational Institute:
Community / Junior College
Length of Time in Career:
3 years
Annual Earnings, 1st Year:
Annual Earnings, Last Year:
10,000 or less
Weekly Hours:
Ordinary Shift:
Required Travel Amount:
no traveling

Actual Comments from the holder of this Actual Career


How do you feel about this Actual Career?
I enjoy my job it can be very rewarding at times. Nursing can also be very stressful at times. As a new nurse at a hospital, one of the downfalls is the hours. I work mutiple shifts.

Was your degree helpful in your career field?

In your opinion, what kind of education did you need to get this career?
An associate or bachelors degree

Experience, Skills, Specialized Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
I worked as a nurse assistant (CNA)while I was in nursing school. I believe this helped to prepare me for a career in the nursing field. As a nurse assistant I was able to have direct patient care, work along side of nurses, and I had to deal with some of the stress that is involved in the medical field, such as taking care of the needs of mutiple patients and their needs at the same time. I an a licenced registered nurse.

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