Installation Technician

Install security, surveillance, fire alarm, and access systems in homes and businesses in the tri-state area. I go to the Central Office at 7:30am, receive instruction on where I’m going and what I’ll be doing there, and work until around 4:30. I get 1 hour for lunch.

Actual Career: Installation Technician

Career Field:
Company Position:
INDIANA, Southern Region

Required Level of Education:
Actual Level of Education:
Associate’s Degree

Field of Study:
Electronics and Computer Technology
Name of Educational Institue:
Ivy Tech Community College
Type of Educational Institute:
Community / Junior College
Length of Time in Career:
Just started last week
Annual Earnings, 1st Year:
Annual Earnings, Last Year:
10,000 – 20,000
Weekly Hours:
Ordinary Shift:
Required Travel Amount:
up to 25% travel

Actual Comments from the holder of this Actual Career


How do you feel about this Actual Career?
I love it! This is my first job in my field out of college. I was started at $10/hr and with receive evaluation after 4 months for possible pay increase. I have full coverage health insurance and have the ability to get life insurance as well as a sweet IRA. My last JOB being in retail part-time at $8.20/hr, this is a big step up for me. I can’t say this will be my career forever because I do hope to start my own business some day, but I am learning a lot and enjoying myself and I believe my potential future business will be similar.

Was your degree helpful in your career field?

In your opinion, what kind of education did you need to get this career?
A degree is definitely helpful in this line of work, but not necessarily required. Everything you need to know can be learned by working with others. However, if you have studied in a related field, concepts will be understood quicker and some things you will already be familiar with.

Experience, Skills, Specialized Training, Licenses, or Certifications:
Associate of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology from Ivy Tech Community College, School of Technology. ETA Certified Electronics Technician (CETa)

Just one more thing….
It’s a really fun career most days. 9 hours seems to fly by unless it’s a rough day. I have new experiences every day and go somewhere new every day.

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