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Critical Care Paramedic

Critical care level transport medicine on a ground ambulance. In addition to all standard paramedic responsibilities, I transport specialty care patients requiring the use of IV pumps, ventilators, vaso-active medications etc. Continue reading Critical Care Paramedic →

Director of Radiology

I manage a Radiology department. I staff and manage all employees. I am responsible for all quality of imaging that happens in our department. I research and present new equipment and technology to administration and the board for purchase. I continue to keep my x-ray skills, Continuing Education current and work on the floor taking x-rays in case the department runs low with staff. I attend management and leadersh

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses take care of the sick, but that is only one of the many things we do on a typical shift. We are also social workers helping a patient find affordable medication or a ride home, a doctor’s eyes and ears when he is not at the patient’s bedside, a source of information for family members, and a hand for a patient or family member to hold, to name just a few. Continue reading Registered Nu