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Critical Care Paramedic

Critical care level transport medicine on a ground ambulance. In addition to all standard paramedic responsibilities, I transport specialty care patients requiring the use of IV pumps, ventilators, vaso-active medications etc. Continue reading Critical Care Paramedic →

Director of Radiology

I manage a Radiology department. I staff and manage all employees. I am responsible for all quality of imaging that happens in our department. I research and present new equipment and technology to administration and the board for purchase. I continue to keep my x-ray skills, Continuing Education current and work on the floor taking x-rays in case the department runs low with staff. I attend management and leadersh

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses take care of the sick, but that is only one of the many things we do on a typical shift. We are also social workers helping a patient find affordable medication or a ride home, a doctor’s eyes and ears when he is not at the patient’s bedside, a source of information for family members, and a hand for a patient or family member to hold, to name just a few. Continue reading Registered Nu

Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioner. Provide healthcare to all age groups from birth to 99 years. Work along side the physician as an independent provider. Physician monitors prescription writing due to law of state of Indiana. Can write controlled substances. Can operate independent office, as long as a physician in the area agrees to collaborate for prescription writing. Continue reading Nurse Practitioner →