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Manager, Benefits

Designs, plans, manages and implements corporate Health and Welfare programs including medical, dental, life insurance, and disability insurance. Responsible for ensuring programs meet employees’ needs, comply with legal requirements, and are cost effective to the company. Ensures all health and welfare plans are compliant with government regulations. Prepares and submits government-mandated reports. Assists

Skilled Maintenance Team Leader

Machine maintenance, repair and modification at a leading automobile manufacturing plant. I also oversee the same responsibilities of other team members performing the same tasks, for time manangement and proper safety practices, while reporting to higher management, concerning the repairs and preventative maintenance tasks that have been and will be performed. Continue reading Skilled Maintenance Team Leader &rar


I am responsible for the following: 1. All instructional programs in grades K-8. 2. I am responsible for all school personel and evaluation all of them. 3. Submitting reports to the state on discipline, school improvement plan, professional developemnet grant, and the school emergency plan. 4. In charge of all school discipline. 5. I am the athletic director for the school. 6. In charge of school community relation