Surveillance Tech

As the sole surveillance tech at a casino, I was responsible for installing and maintaining all the equipment. This included cameras, monitors, recorders, the switch system, alarms, UPS, and anything else that basically nobody else wanted to fix. In addition to installing new, moving existing, and keeping everything clean and running, I was responsible for producing training materials for the operators. Continue re

Commissary Sergeant

I was responsible for managing all aspects of the jail commissary, including ordering product, taking payments, distribution of product to prisoners, managing staff, annual budget, monthly reports. I also administrated the jail computer system. In addition, all the duties of a regular deputy jailer, including cell inspection, prisoner escorts, work release manager, personal inspections, and securing cells and priso

Customer Service Manager

This job bears no relation to the title at all. This is a route sales job, responsible for cultivating and growing a customer base that is serviced on a bi-weekly basis. You pitch new products, maintain buying habits, and do all this while driving a giant freezer truck safely through narrow streets and poorly paved gravel roads. This is a sales job, selling frozen food. Continue reading Customer Service Manager &ra

Actual jobs held by actual people.