Electronics Account Manager/ Product specialist

I am a product specialist, I manage our electronics distribution worldwide helping and supporting them in selling our utility locators and tracking systems. I am required to know all of the in and outs of the product that I deal with.  I travel and give demonstrations on their proper use and if needed I repair them.  I also spend time learning about the new and improved products that my compny is develping, so th

Project Coordinator IT

Coordinate projects for customer’s IT department; security remediation, reporting and various security projects. Work with counterparts from different cultures.  Sit in face-to-face meetings with the customer on a daily basis.  Facilitate Change Approval Board Meetings for the Test Environment which requires setting the Agenda and recording the Minutes of those meetings.  A lot of coordination with owners

Manager, Benefits

Designs, plans, manages and implements corporate Health and Welfare programs including medical, dental, life insurance, and disability insurance. Responsible for ensuring programs meet employees’ needs, comply with legal requirements, and are cost effective to the company. Ensures all health and welfare plans are compliant with government regulations. Prepares and submits government-mandated reports. Assists

Actual jobs held by actual people.