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PC/LAN/Phone Administrator

Maintain and repair desktop PCs, laptop PCs, file Servers, Network equipment, email server, internal web servers, database programming, application programming, system access, phones and phone system, building security, printers, phone and data lines, and working with automated assembly equipment. Continue reading PC/LAN/Phone Administrator →

Project Coordinator IT

Coordinate projects for customer’s IT department; security remediation, reporting and various security projects. Work with counterparts from different cultures.  Sit in face-to-face meetings with the customer on a daily basis.  Facilitate Change Approval Board Meetings for the Test Environment which requires setting the Agenda and recording the Minutes of those meetings.  A lot of coordination with owners

Surveillance Tech

As the sole surveillance tech at a casino, I was responsible for installing and maintaining all the equipment. This included cameras, monitors, recorders, the switch system, alarms, UPS, and anything else that basically nobody else wanted to fix. In addition to installing new, moving existing, and keeping everything clean and running, I was responsible for producing training materials for the operators. Continue re

Skilled Electrical / Electronics Technician

I work in the maintenance department for a large automotive manufacturer. I went to school for Electrical, Electronics, Computer Repair & Electronic Communications.  My college has really paid off. I use a lot of what I learned in my everyday job.  I troubleshoot problems with equipment used to build the SUVs  & Crossovers vechiles. Troubleshooting electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical & progr